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Uncovering the Hidden Gems: The Best Hotels in Fes, Morocco for an Authentic and Luxurious Stay

Fes, Morocco, is a unique and vibrant city that offers visitors an incredible mix of ancient culture, stunning architecture and warm hospitality. And while there are many wonderful hotels to choose from in this North African gem, not all of them offer the authentic and luxurious experience that many travelers crave. So, we’ve done the research for you and uncovered the best hotels in Fes for an authentic and luxurious stay.

1) Riad Laaroussa – This beautifully restored 17th-century palace may be one of the most impressive hotels in Fes. Its stunning architecture, mix of traditional Moroccan and Art Deco styles, and exquisite details make it a favorite among travelers seeking a truly authentic experience. The hotel has 9 unique rooms and suites, a spa, a sun terrace, a swimming pool, and a restaurant that serves delicious Moroccan and international cuisine.

2) Palais Amani – A stunning art deco palace converted into a boutique hotel, Palais Amani a Jewel of Fes. Located in the heart of the medina, this property is perfect for those whom luxury and authenticity are key. From the 14 individually designed rooms with hand-crafted items and antiques to the stunning rooftop terrace with a view of the city to the on-site hammam and delicious restaurant, every inch of this hotel is designed to ensure that guests experience the height of comfort and class.

3) Dar Bensouda – This magnificent guest house, dating back to the 18th century sits in the heart of the Fes Medina and offer the perfect escape from the bustling city. The peaceful atmosphere, traditional Moroccan architecture, and friendly staff make it an ideal choice for travelers looking for a more authentic experience. Dar Bensouda has 18 rooms, each one individually decorated with traditional Moroccan and Andalusian designs, an enchanting courtyard, a rooftop terrace and a delicious restaurant.

4) Hotel Sahrai – For those looking for modern luxury and facilities, Hotel Sahrai is the perfect choice. This contemporary five-star hotel, with local touches, located just outside the medina, overlooks the city and offers some of the best views in Fes. The modern rooms and suites are spacious and elegantly designed, comes with Wi-Fi and other necessary amenities. The hotel also has a spa, a pool and two restaurants, providing guests with the perfect combination of comfort and exotic ambiance.

5) Riad Farnatchi – Riad Farnatchi is an oasis set right in the heart of the Medina. This intimate and luxurious boutique hotel with twelve rooms and suites, the perfect place to immerse in Moroccan culture. With its intimate ambiance, friendly staff, and luxurious decoration, this hotel is perfect for discerning travelers looking for a more private, exclusive experience. Guests can relax in the traditional Moroccan hammam, enjoy a traditional meal at the hotel’s restaurant or just lounge at the stunning rooftop pool.

In conclusion, the Hotels in Fes offer a wide range of different experiences, each one a unique way to explore this fascinating city. Whether you’re interested in authentic Moroccan style or modern luxury, these hotels offer the perfect way to experience Fes in style. Head down to Morocco’s fascinating land and indulge in the delights Fes has to offer!