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Taste the Authentic Flavors of Morocco at Abu Dhabi’s Newest Restaurant

Abu Dhabi’s culinary scene is constantly evolving and the latest addition to it is a Moroccan restaurant called “La Mamma Arabica”. Located in Al Ain, this restaurant offers a unique culinary experience with traditional Moroccan recipes and spices.

The atmosphere of the restaurant is intimate and cozy, with a rustic touch that reflects the Moroccan heritage. It is decorated with colorful tiles, woven rugs, and intricate lanterns, giving diners a sense of being transported to the land of the Atlas Mountains.

The menu features an array of Moroccan dishes, from classics like tagine, couscous and harira soup, to lesser-known specialties like mechoui (roasted lamb), pastilla (a savory pastry filled with meat, almonds, and spices), and zaalouk (a salad made with grilled eggplant and tomato). The dishes are skillfully prepared using authentic Moroccan ingredients such as preserved lemons, saffron, cumin, and Ras el Hanout spice blends.

One highlight of the menu is the Chicken Tagine, a slow-cooked dish made with chicken, olives, and preserved lemons. The meat is tender and the flavors are a delicate balance of sweet and savory. The Lamb Mechoui is also a must-try, as it is roasted for hours over a wood fire. The meat is so tender that it falls off the bone and is served with warm bread and a side of mint tea.

The desserts at La Mamma Arabica are equally as impressive as the savory dishes. The restaurant’s signature dessert is the pastilla, which is a pastry filled with almonds and cinnamon, dusted with powdered sugar. The combination of flaky pastry and sweet filling is a perfect end to the meal. The traditional Moroccan mint tea is also served with dessert, a custom in Moroccan cuisine.

La Mamma Arabica’s attentive and friendly staff enhances what is already an exceptional experience. With its cozy interior, authentic cuisine, and welcoming atmosphere, La Mamma Arabica promises to be a new favorite destination for those looking for delicious Moroccan flavors in Abu Dhabi.