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Morocco Comes to Life in Abu Dhabi: A Culinary Adventure

Morocco comes alive in Abu Dhabi, a cultural and culinary adventure that is a must-see for anyone who loves Morocco’s rich culture and history. From the vibrant cityscapes to the ancient Souks, the country’s cuisine is a unique blend of flavors, infused with traditional spices and herbs that are sure to tantalize your taste buds.

Abu Dhabi has become a hub for Moroccan cuisine in recent years, with a growing number of restaurants serving up the country’s signature dishes. A visit to any of these restaurants will transport you to the heart of Morocco, where the smells of cumin, turmeric, and paprika will fill the air.

One such restaurant is Tagine, located in the luxurious One and Only resort. The restaurant’s menu boasts a wide selection of traditional Moroccan dishes, including the famous Tagine, slow-cooked stews made with a variety of meats, vegetables, and spices. The restaurant’s d├ęcor is equally impressive, with sumptuous interiors that capture the essence of a Moroccan riad.

For those who want a more laid-back experience, head to Al-Hadheera, located in the desert outside of Abu Dhabi. This Bedouin-style restaurant offers an authentic experience, with a range of traditional dishes cooked on open fires. There are also belly dancers and musicians who perform throughout the meal, adding to the ambiance.

For those who want to cook their own Moroccan dishes, there are a number of cooking classes on offer in Abu Dhabi. At Eight, one of the city’s top restaurants, you can take a class with Executive Chef Andrew Whiffen, who will teach you how to make Tagine, couscous, and other traditional dishes.

Set in a stunning location on Saadiyat Island, with views of the Arabian Gulf, Sontaya is one of the city’s most romantic restaurants. This Southeast Asian-inspired venue also offers Moroccan dishes, with delicious lamb kefta and Harira soup on the menu.

Abu Dhabi’s annual Moroccan Festival is also not to be missed, where visitors can experience the country’s food, music, and culture in one place. The festival usually takes place in November and includes a market, live music, and dance performances, as well as food stalls selling traditional Moroccan dishes.

In conclusion, Morocco comes to life in Abu Dhabi, with a range of restaurants and experiences that showcase the country’s rich culture and cuisine. Whether you’re looking to learn how to cook your own Tagine, dine in luxurious surroundings or attend a cultural festival, Abu Dhabi has something to offer every foodie and culture lover.