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Moroccan Culture Meets Elegant Design in this Iconic Hotel Experience

Nestled in the heart of Marrakech, The Royal Mansour Hotel offers a truly unique blend of Moroccan culture and sophisticated design. From the moment you enter the grand gates to the private entrance, you are enveloped in the elegance and grandeur of this iconic hotel experience.

The Royal Mansour was commissioned by King Mohammed VI of Morocco, and every aspect of the hotel showcases the country’s rich heritage and exquisite craftsmanship. Each building is adorned with intricate carvings and plasterwork, all done by hand by local craftsmen. The hotel’s interior spaces are adorned with colorful tiles, exotic woods, and sumptuous fabrics that give a nod to traditional Moroccan design.

However, even with its allegiance to its cultural heritage, the Royal Mansour is not lacking in the luxury department. The hotel provides guests with one of the most opulent stays ever experienced on a holiday. The unique concept of riads embedded within the hotel continue the entrance’s grandness and wow factor. Each perfectly silent and peaceful, leading around a courtyard with a centrally located plunge pool, immaculate gardens and are four stories high, with a roof terrace that provide stunning views of the rooftops of the Medina. The hotel guest quarters that include an entire three-story building’s worth of accommodation, are enormous with three lounges, two dining areas, and a rooftop Jacuzzi.

One of the defining characteristics of the Royal Mansour is the level of personalized service that guests receive. Each guest has a private butler who caters to their every whim. The butlers are trained to anticipate guests’ needs and preferences so that they can provide the utmost in luxury and comfort.

The hotel’s restaurants offer a world-class dining experience that celebrates Morocco’s unique culinary heritage. La Grande Table Marocaine offers a traditional Moroccan feast, while La Grande Table Francaise serves up classic French cuisine, and L’Atelier is a more casual dining experience that combines Mediterranean and Moroccan flavors.

The Royal Mansour’s spa is also worth mentioning, with an extensive range of treatments based on the Moroccan hammam tradition. There are also indoor and outdoor pools, a fully equipped gym, and a kids club for the little ones.

Overall Royal Mansour sets itself apart from other luxury hotels by celebrating the country’s rich heritage while also offering a flawlessly executed stay. It’s an iconic hotel experience that will truly be remembered for a lifetime.