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From Tagines to Mint Tea: Exploring the Delights of Moroccan Cuisine in Austin

Moroccan cuisine is one of the most famous in the world, and it’s not hard to see why. With its rich flavors, diverse ingredients, and unique spices, Moroccan food is a true feast for the senses. Luckily for Austinites, they don’t have to travel all the way to North Africa to indulge in this delicious cuisine – in fact, they can find a taste of Morocco right here in the city, with a range of cafés and restaurants that offer a wide variety of traditional dishes.

One of the most iconic Moroccan dishes is the tagine, a slow-cooked stew traditionally made with meat or fish and a range of spices, vegetables and fruits. At Titaya’s Cocina in North Austin, you can try their version of a lamb tagine with fragrant ras el hanout spices, crispy chickpeas, and tender prunes. The dish is served with a side of couscous and a piece of freshly baked bread, perfect for soaking up the delicious broth.

Another Moroccan favorite is the b’stilla, a savory pastry that is typically filled with pigeon or chicken and cooked with cinnamon, saffron, and onions. The pastry is topped with a layer of powdered sugar and cinnamon, creating a perfect balance of sweet and savory. At the East Side Tavern in downtown Austin, they add a twist to the classic b’stilla with their version of Barbecue Chicken B’stilla, made with smoked chicken, jalapeños, and barbecue sauce.

If you’re in the mood for something lighter, you can’t go wrong with a bowl of harira soup, a traditional Moroccan soup made with lentils, chickpeas, and tomatoes. At Kasbah Moroccan Lounge and Restaurant, located in the heart of downtown Austin, they serve an excellent version of this soup, topped with tender pieces of lamb and fresh cilantro. Pair it with a bowl of freshly made baba ghanoush, a roasted eggplant dip that is perfect for dipping with pita bread.

Of course, no Moroccan meal is complete without a cup of mint tea. Made with fresh mint leaves and gunpowder green tea, this refreshing drink is a staple in Moroccan culture and is often served to guests as a sign of hospitality. At nearby Kasbah Hookah Lounge and Coffee, you can sip on a cup of their famous mint tea while smoking a flavorful hookah.

With so many delicious options to choose from, it’s no wonder that Moroccan cuisine is becoming increasingly popular in Austin. Whether you’re looking for a cozy spot to enjoy a hearty bowl of tagine, or a lively lounge to sip on some mint tea with friends, there’s sure to be a Moroccan restaurant or café that suits your mood and taste buds.