Riad Chichi

A guide to Morrocan tourism

From Exotic Spices to Fine Coffee: The Cafe Scene in Morocco

Morocco, situated in the north of Africa, is famous for its exotic spices, intricate architecture, and vibrant culture. Among its must-try experiences is the vibrant and diverse cafe scene. If you’re a coffee lover or simply enjoy sipping a cup of tea or coffee in a relaxed atmosphere, then you’re in for a treat in Morocco.

The use of coffee in Morocco traces its roots to the 16th century, where it was introduced by the Ottomans. They set up coffeehouses, which became social meeting places for people to gather and exchange ideas. From that day onwards, cafes become a central part of Moroccan society. This long-standing tradition endures and is still a major social hub for Morocco’s diverse range of people.

Walking around the streets of Morocco’s cities, you’ll notice an abundance of cafes, which range from simple street stands to ones housed in ornate buildings. Most cafes typically offer traditional food like simple breakfast of bread, crepes and tea. However, some of them serve snacks and light meals across the day, from savory meatballs known as Kefta to Berber pancakes filled with honey and almonds.

If you love coffee, Moroccan cafes will inevitably capture your interest. Morocco produces coffee beans but not enough for commercial consumption. Still, they get their coffee beans from other countries, such as Colombia, Ethiopia, and Brazil. In Moroccan cafe culture, drinking coffee symbolizes hospitality and is often served with little cups accompanied by a plate of sugar cubes or a small bowl of sweets.

Mint tea is also a popular beverage in Moroccan cafes, with sweet green tea and fresh mint leaves steeped and served in delicate, decorated glasses. Moroccan cafes offer not only a refreshing drink but a window to Moroccan culture and ideals.

Besides the drinks, Moroccan cafes offer an excellent ambiance for chilling out and unwinding. Most cafes have a laid-back atmosphere, decorated with colorful lamps, intricate tiles, and comfortable seating, perfect for relaxing after exploring the busy streets of Morocco’s cities.

In conclusion, the Cafe scene in Morocco is a must-experience for all travelers visiting North Africa. Savor some traditional dishes, sip on a delicious coffee or tea, and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere and surroundings. The exotic spices, combined with the traditional socializing, make the cafe scene a cultural treasure that should not be missed.