Riad Chichi

A guide to Morrocan tourism

Exploring the Moroccan Charm with ITC Hotels: A Lucrative Blend of Tradition and Luxury.

Morocco, a country nestled in the northwestern corner of Africa, has forever been a favourite destination of avid travellers seeking an exotic blend of tradition and luxury. With the rugged Atlas Mountains to the north and the swirling sands of the Sahara Desert to the south, Morocco boasts an eclectic landscape that is a dream come true for tourists who love adventure and who seek a taste of the authentic.

One of the best ways to explore the charm of Morocco is by staying in one of the luxurious hotels of the ITC group. With a blend of tradition and luxury, ITC Hotels offer the perfect ambience for an unforgettable holiday experience in the Land of the Atlas.

ITC Hotels has recently launched a new hotel in Morocco, the ITC Mughal, which offers a unique blend of Indian and Moroccan charm. Located on the outskirts of the city of Marrakech, the hotel boasts a stunning garden that is reminiscent of the Mughal era in India, with beautiful fountains, lush vegetation and intricate architecture.

The hotel is named after Emperor Akbar, the greatest Mughal ruler of India, and honors his memory with its opulent interiors, plush furnishings and breathtaking views of the Atlas Mountains. The hotel offers a range of luxurious amenities, including an indulgent spa, a fresh-water pool and a breathtaking view of the historic city of Marrakech, which is just a stone’s throw away.

For vacationers who love shopping, Marrakech offers a world of wonder with its markets, called souks, where you can find an array of handcrafted goods and textiles, spices, shoes, and more. The city is also renowned for its rich history, which can be explored through its beautiful architecture, such as the Koutoubia Mosque, which dates back to the 12th century, and the Bahia Palace, which was built in the late 19th century.

In addition to exploring the beautiful sights of Morocco, ITC Hotels offers a wide range of exciting activities for their guests, including camel rides in the Sahara Desert, hiking in the Atlas Mountains, and cooking classes with some of the best chefs in the world, which offer a unique experience to explore Moroccan cuisine and culture.

In conclusion, exploring the charm of Morocco with ITC Hotels is a perfect way to combine luxury with adventure, and to enjoy the unique culture of this beautiful country. So, gather your bags and let the stunning beauty of Morocco and the Luxury of ITC hotels be your next extravagance.