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Experience the Flavors of India at Morocco’s Best Kept Secret

Morocco, a country located in North Africa, is famous for its colorful markets, delicious cuisine, and rich culture. But did you know that Morocco is also home to one of the best-kept secrets in the culinary world? Yes, we are talking about the flavors of India at Morocco’s best-kept secret!

India is known for its diverse cuisine, which varies from region to region. The cuisine of India includes a vast range of dishes, from savory to sweet, spicy to mild. The spices, herbs, and flavors used in Indian cooking are what make it stand out from other cuisines.

Located in the heart of Casablanca, Morocco, the Secret Garden offers an experience unlike any other. The garden is tucked away behind a high wall near the Hassan II Mosque, and stepping inside is like entering a different world. The garden is lush with greenery, complete with a pond and a small waterfall, creating a serene atmosphere for diners.

The Secret Garden restaurant offers authentic Indian cuisine prepared in-house by expert chefs. The menu is extensive, and you can choose from a variety of dishes, including vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. The chefs use fresh, locally sourced ingredients along with a blend of traditional Indian spices to create mouth-watering dishes.

Some of the must-try dishes include the chicken tikka masala, lamb vindaloo, and butter chicken. The curries are rich and creamy, and the spices are well balanced, creating a warm, earthy taste. For vegetarians, the palak paneer, a spinach and cheese curry, and the chana masala, a spicy chickpea curry, are highly recommended.

The Secret Garden offers a unique dining experience, complete with traditional Indian music and decor. The restaurant is designed to resemble a traditional Indian house, complete with ornate wooden furnishings and colorful fabrics.

In addition to the delicious food, the Secret Garden offers a selection of drinks, including Indian chai tea, lassi (a yogurt-based drink), and masala tea (spiced tea). The restaurant also offers a range of desserts, including gulab jamun, a popular Indian sweet made of milk solids and sugar syrup, and rasmalai, a dessert made from milk and cottage cheese.

Overall, if you’re looking to experience the flavors of India in Morocco, the Secret Garden is a must-visit. From the warm atmosphere of the restaurant to the flavorful dishes, it’s an experience you won’t forget. So, make sure to put this hidden gem on your list of places to visit while in Morocco!