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A guide to Morrocan tourism

Discover the Tastes of Morocco at Epcot’s Authentic Restaurant

Epcot’s Authentic Restaurant at the Morocco pavilion is a hidden gem that immerses guests in the rich flavors and culture of Morocco. Whether you are a foodie, culture enthusiast or just someone who loves to try new things, dining at this restaurant is a must-do experience.

As soon as you enter the Moroccan pavilion, you will be transported to a bustling marketplace. The restaurant itself is designed to reflect the charming alleyways and courtyard of a traditional Moroccan medina. The walls are adorned with intricate tiles, jewel-toned lanterns dangle from the ceiling, and plush cushions are scattered throughout the seating area.

Once seated, guests are presented with a menu that showcases the bold flavors of the country’s cuisine. The menu features dishes such as shakshuka, a spicy tomato and egg dish served with pita bread, harira soup, loaded with lentils and vegetables, tagine dishes which are slow-cooked stews served with couscous, and kebabs served with cool tzatziki sauce.

One of the signature dishes of the restaurant is the lamb shank. The tender lamb is slow-cooked in Moroccan spices, which creates a rich and flavorful gravy. It is served alongside creamy mashed potatoes and a side of vegetables. The dish is hearty and comforting and is a definite must-try for meat lovers.

For vegetarians and vegans, the restaurant offers a delicious vegetable tagine that is loaded with butternut squash, chickpeas, and dried fruits. It is served with fluffy couscous and is bursting with savory and sweet flavors.

To complete the dining experience, the restaurant offers an array of traditional Moroccan desserts, such as the sticky and sweet honey and almond pastry called baklava and the refreshing mint tea, which is poured from a silver tea pot into a cup from a great height.

Overall, dining at Epcot’s Authentic Restaurant is a unique and authentic experience that everyone should try. The flavors and spices of the dishes are a true representation of the culture and cuisine of Morocco, and the atmosphere and decor of the restaurant make it an experience in itself. It is a perfect way to explore a new culture and to discover new tastes that will leave you wanting more.