Riad Chichi

A guide to Morrocan tourism

Discover the fascinating culture and history of Morocco!

Morocco is a country located in the North-West of Africa that is known for its exotic and colorful culture, history, and stunning landscapes. The country has a diverse mix of cultures and religions, which have contributed towards its fascinating history and heritage. From the Berber tribes to the French and Spanish colonial influence, Morocco has a rich tapestry of cultural and historical significance.

Morocco’s history dates back thousands of years, and its monuments, architectural marvels, and museums exhibit the journey of the country over several centuries. The ancient capital city of Marrakech is a beautiful example of a city that still retains its old-world charm. It has numerous sites such as the Bahia Palace, the Koutoubia Mosque, the Saadian Tombs, which are a testament to its rich architecture and history.

The Roman ruins of Volubilis is another noteworthy example of Morocco’s history. Located within an hour’s drive from the city of Fez, the UNESCO World Heritage site has remains of ancient buildings and mosaics that reflect the country’s rich history.

Morocco’s Islamic heritage is showcased through the mosques, mausoleums and other religious sites across the country. The country’s religious sites include the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca, one of the world’s largest mosques, and Moulay Idriss Zerhoun, a holy city and the final resting place of the founder of the Idrisid dynasty.

The Berbers, the ancient tribal people of Morocco, have left a deep impression on the country’s culture and heritage. Their unique style of architecture, music, and clothing is still evident in the rural parts of Morocco. Visitors who explore these areas will witness the Berber’s indigenous way of life, including their farming practices and their hospitality.

Morocco’s delicious food is an integral part of its culture, and its cuisine is informed by the country’s rich history and geographical location. Moroccan cuisine is a blend of Berber, Mediterranean and Arab traditional dishes, with spices and herbs being a dominant presence in every meal.

Morocco is also famous for its vibrant souks, or markets, where an array of goods, crafts, and textiles can be purchased. These markets, some of them over a thousand years old, are a feast for the senses, with colors, smells and sounds that are uniquely Moroccan.

Morocco is a warm and friendly country that welcomes visitors to explore its diverse culture and history. The country’s mix of cuisine, architecture, religion, and Berber way of life make it a unique travel destination for adventure-seekers and history buffs alike. Whether it’s wandering through the souks of Marrakech or exploring the Roman ruins of Volubilis, Morocco is a country that will leave visitors in awe of its cultural richness and history.