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Discover Pure Indulgence: A Guide to the Best Luxury Hotels in Essaouira, Morocco

Essaouira, a coastal city in Morocco, is known for its charming and laid-back atmosphere. This city is known for its stunning beaches, art galleries, and markets. The best part of Essaouira is the luxurious hotels that are on offer. Here’s our guide to the best luxury hotels in Essaouira, Morocco.

1. Sofitel Essaouira Mogador Golf & Spa

This hotel is located just 10 minutes away from Essaouira’s Medina. It has a blend of the local culture and French elegance. The hotel has 175 rooms, including suites, with stunning views of the Atlas Mountains, Mogador Golf Course, and the ocean.

2. La Maison de Raissouni

This is a historical hotel that was once the residence of the Pasha’s advisor during the 19th century. It is a true oasis away from the hustles and bustles of the city. The hotel is equipped with antique furniture, stunning artwork, and a serene courtyard that embodies the essence of Moroccan heritage.

3. Villa Gonatouki

This modern hotel is located in the countryside just outside Essaouira. This hotel has an exclusive and intimate feel, and it is a perfect place to relax and unwind. Each suite has a private balcony, a patio with a Jacuzzi, and a fireplace to curl up on cold evenings.

4. Le Jardin des Douars

This luxury hotel is nestled in the heart of a serene garden in the countryside of Essaouira. It has a cluster of cottages and lodges sprawled across the compound, each with a unique character and privacy. Le Jardin des Douars has exceptional facilities such as a wellness center with a traditional hammam, an outdoor pool, and an organic vegetable garden, among others.

5. Atlas Essaouira & Spa

This luxurious hotel is on the Atlantic coast, and it offers panoramic views of the sea. It has 201 elegant rooms, each of which is designed with Moroccan architecture and contemporary décor. The hotel has several amenities such as a large outdoor pool, several restaurants, and a fitness center.


Essaouira is one of the most beautifully unique cities to visit in Morocco. With a blend of local culture and French elegance, Essaouira also has some of the most luxurious hotels on the continent. Staying at any of these hotels will surely make your trip a memorable one. Discover pure indulgence in Essaouira today.